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Are you looking to buy a second-hand vehicle? 

Buying a used car is a big commitment to make. While it might lead you on the road to greater things, you could find yourself getting into trouble if you haven’t looked into the underlying issues. If you’re searching for a guarantee that you’ve made the right choice, vehicle pre inspections are designed to give you the full scope of the overall functioning and quality of the motor vehicle to make sure you aren’t being ripped off. 

For those who are scratching their heads, we’re going to prove to you why booking a pre purchase car inspection before buying second-hand is a good idea. 

How A Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Works? 

A pre purchase car inspection is performed on any vehicle you have the intention of buying or selling. This evaluation will examine the motor’s efficiency, reliability and safety by one of our expert technicians. After the pre purchase vehicle inspection is finalised, you’ll be given a comprehensive report detailing the results, history, and any issues that show up from the examination. From this report, you can make the final decision whether you would like to take the car out for a spin and whether it is worth the big spend.

Why Buying Used Cars Are Problematic? 

When it comes to buying used vehicles, it can be tough to trace previous ownerships of the motor. If the car has had multiple previous owners or was traded in a dealership, it would be tricky to understand the history of where the car has been. During our on-site pre purchase car inspection, we will simply run a VIN number check and perform an extensive examination of the motor vehicle, both the interior and exterior, to determine that there was no previous obstruction or recent repairs that have been covered up. At Buy Smart Vehicle Checks, our technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable to help with your pre-purchase car inspections. 

3 Reasons To Perform A Pre Purchase Car Inspection Before Buying Second Hand

1# Instill Confidence 

A pre purchase car inspection is an essential step before buying a vehicle second-hand because it helps you feel at ease knowing that you have a solid motor health report that won’t disappoint. The report will showcase whether there are any defects and give you the green light that the vehicle you’re spending money on is suitable, reliable and of high quality.  Our technicians will then examine the vehicle from bumper to bumper, to ensure that you won’t have any upcoming problems in the near future. Therefore, you’ll be assured about the kind of vehicle you’re buying by knowing its history and any evidence of defects or obstruction. You can have the pre purchase vehicle inspection if you’re not around to see the car in person, allowing you to make the decision to buy the vehicle without having to be at the automotive shop. Our team of experienced technicians will be able to assist you in making sure you’ve made the smart choice with your spending.

2# Honesty & Transparency 

The reports from this vehicle pre inspection showcase a clear and transparent estimation of the total budget of the maintenance and repairs of the vehicle. This gives you a full understanding of the history and previous damages to give you the full scope as to whether the car is a good idea to purchase. Having all the details will help you in your decision-making to prevent you from making a mistake, costing you more money than what you planned. You’ll get to uncover any unseen issues to confirm you know what you’re buying before you make the big spend. 

3# Provide You With Cost Savings Through The Roof 

When it comes to buying a car second-hand, this is because it is an inexpensive option than buying it brand new. However, there may be underlying issues that you are unaware of, leading you to spend thousands in reparation costs. This is definitely the case if you’ve bought a car that isn’t covered anymore by the manufacturer’s warranty. Because of this, a pre-purchase car inspection is a great way to prevent you from making a poor investment decision, allowing you to save your money for much more important things. This will keep you from adding to the total cost of your finances, allowing you to focus on other expenses. 

Buy Smart Vehicle Checks, we are paving the way as the leading automotive inspection service in providing comprehensive mobile car inspections across Melbourne. With over 25 years of experience in the automotive repair industry, Cliff knows all when it comes to cars 4wds & trucks. Whether you’re buying your very first car or you are a lover of the classic or in need of a family upgrade SUV we can give you the push to help you in your spending decisions.

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