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Pre-purchase car inspection Melbourne

Avoid a lemon with a pre-purchase vehicle inspection!

For many people, buying second-hand is the smart choice – and the proof is in the data!

Research firm Roy Morgan estimates around 2 – 2.5 million used cars are sold in Australia every year. (For reference, that’s compared to about 1 million new cars).

An increasingly digital world means that people are also willing and prepared to find a car, organise an inspection, and even finalise a purchase online.

But before you process any payments or sign on the dotted line, it’s critical you organise an on-site pre-purchase car inspection with Buy Smart Vehicle Checks!

What’s the problem with used vehicles?

Between multiple owners and drivers, it can quickly become difficult to trace the history of a car

If a car is traded in at a dealership or has had more than one owner, then it’s not necessarily a matter of anyone hiding anything sinister; it simply becomes impossible to know!

With our pre-purchase inspections, Melbourne used car buyers can get a better idea of the vehicle’s history.

We will run a VIN number check, and perform a thorough inspection of the entire vehicle, inside and out, to ensure that no previous damage or repair work has been covered up or performed improperly.

Our fully qualified mechanics have both the knowledge and experience to inspect for mechanical and electrical faults.

Our 200-point on-site car inspection and report goes beyond the basics of a roadworthy check.

The goal? To bring to light minor issues that could turn into major headaches down the track!

Why get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Melbourne?

We want to provide car buyers like you the confidence to purchase a car with the understanding of its full history as well as any defects or signs of damage. 

Our team takes pride in their ability to help our customers make the right decision when investing in a car, van, motorhome, 4×4 or truck.

After all, buying a vehicle, new or used, is a significant investment, which is why a Buy Smart Vehicle Check represents money well spent.


What’s included in a pre-purchase car
inspection report?

Our reports include reasonable estimates of the costs involved for any repairs or replacements that will need to take place.

This comprehensive understanding helps you to decide whether a used vehicle is a worthwhile investment that can be brought up to scratch with a little attention – or a lemon!

For many people, buying used rather than new is a wise choice, but there is always an element of risk.

Often the person selling the car is not even aware of an electrical or mechanical fault that will lead to problems down the track.


This is not always the seller’s fault, and is instead simply a matter of not having a comprehensive understanding of the car’s history, before it came into their possession. 

Either way, our on-site car checks uncover any hidden faults to help you make a fully informed purchase decision!

Find out more about what’s included in a pre-purchase car check, or book your car inspection today: call Cliff on 0457 974 719!


Don't buy a lemon!

Call me during business hours on 0457 974 719 or use this online form and I'll come back to you quick-smart.

"Money well spent!! Appreciated your detailed reports. Three vans bought and one needed attention, which gave me the power to negotiate. Quick and professional. Very happy." ~ Fred Maurer

"Great friendly honest service made me 100% confident towards my car purchase. Highly recommended." ~ David Chapman

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