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Over the years we’ve conducted a number of pre purchase vehicle inspections for the good people of Melbourne and its surrounding regions. In that time, we’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches by checking and ensuring that the price matches the quality.

It can be a little daunting conducting a pre purchase car inspection without firsthand knowledge and experience, especially with the ways that some sellers may overlook certain defects and faults that would otherwise negotiate the price down a little more. Buy Smart Vehicle Checks was founded to give people the real scoop of what they’re looking to buy and give them the confidence they want when looking at the second-hand market.

In our years of conducting pre purchase vehicle inspections we’ve come across countless faults and cosmetic issues – this blog piece will be all about some of the more common issues we have spotted in our experience.

If you need a second pair of eyes on a prospective buy – Don’t hesitate, get in touch for a professional on-site car inspection today!

Common Issues

Cosmetic Damage

When we’ve heard people say they have already had a good look at their prospective buy – it is usually a quick once-around that will bring out some noticeable damages, but not the whole affair. A proper 300-point pre purchase vehicle inspection will go into the nitty gritty of the cosmetics and unearth coverups and backyard repairs that are not always reliable or certified and could have been skipped over by a less-trained eye.

For instance, say there was some damage or wear done to the tyres – a layman may believe this is general wear and tear for the rubber itself which is to be expected to some extent. However, the manner in which the wearing is occurring could indicate a whole mess of issues under the hood that are not being seen to, or perhaps haven’t even been noticed yet. For example, irregular tyre wear could be indicative of steering or suspension issues that could end up becoming costly.

Our pre purchase car inspections are renowned for the attention to detail, there’s no detail too small for our team to pick up.

Under The Hood

When we conduct a pre purchase car inspection, we look at all potential factors that impede pricing and safety. Under the hood is usually where a lot of the discoveries are made that have saved our clients a lot of money.

As experienced mechanical observers, we are able to discern the more common issues that the seller may not even be aware of. Some of the more common issues found with pre purchase car inspections involve leaks and suspension issues that are hard to diagnose from a layman perspective and where we excel.

Using the VIN number, we are able to determine the history of repairs and inspect the quality that went into them. We’re also able to determine a lot of engine issues with the test drive, using the 25 years of knowledge to accurately filter out troublesome issues that wouldn’t typically be picked up.

Electrical Faults

The electrical components are another facet of pre purchase car inspections that reveal a lot and can have a massive impact on the final asking price. Little factors such as engine sensors, audio components, SRS airbag modules, even windows are looked at with malfunctions often being noted or found upon a closer look.

Buy Smart Vehicle Checks

We have the experience, expertise, and trained eyes that have helped countless people buy a little smarter. A pre purchase vehicle inspection can save you more than just money, the issues we uncover and the non-biased and straightforward opinion and breakdown we give will alleviate the concerns and worries you may have when shopping around.

Click here if you want a more comprehensive breakdown of what the process of a pre purchase vehicle inspection is.

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