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We’re always shocked to find so many people don’t understand the huge value of a pre purchase car inspection in Melbourne! After all, it can provide a lot more than simply peace of mind when making a large buy. We know better than most that a quick and reliable mobile vehicle inspection can make the whole deal go down a little bit smoother, from the negotiating of price to the overall safety of your prospective buy.

There are a few fence sitters we know, and oftentimes people can assume that a pre purchase car inspection in Melbourne is not the most necessary service – we respectfully disagree. Not only is this a micro investment that could save you more than you think, but also a little security in the knowledge that we are an independent service provider that is only interested in giving you all the information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Let’s get into it.

1) Gain Some Negotiating Leverage

One of the main and convincing reasons you should consider when thinking about a pre purchase car inspection in Melbourne is the absolute bargaining chip you have at your disposal at the end of it. Understanding the intricacies and value points are what our mobile vehicle inspections are all about, because once you have all the variables and an honest breakdown of the good, the bad, and the ugly details in front of you – you’ll have a much easier time discussing and negotiating with the seller.

Sellers will not always be aware of all the issues that reside in the automobile, and some other bad apples won’t always reveal them if they do. It’s a more common practice than you may realise unfortunately, so having a little more breathing room is always essential.

2) Buy With A Little More Confidence

From the negotiating table to the confidence factor. One of our favourite reasons to consider a pre purchase car inspection in Melbourne is the simple fact that when you drive away, you can do so with a little more confidence and peace of mind. This is nothing to gloss over mind you with particular engine issues and potential faults that our mobile car inspections can ascertain and notify you of before you sign the dotted line.

Having that extra kick of confidence after we have a look at everything, inside and out, and determine aspects like previous accidental records, potential leasing information, we even conduct a road test to ensure that everything is as advertised on your behalf.

3) Convenience & Professional Insight

The professional insight and understanding of different models and generations is one thing, compound that with the fact that mobile car inspections are often able to come out to whatever location the automobile is located at and perform the test then and there. This added convenience factor has saved a lot of our clients from the headache of organising transportation for the automobile to a facility where mobility is not a factor.

We can’t speak for all services offering pre purchase vehicle inspections in Melbourne, but we can say that our fleet of professionals have seen their fair share of different models, builds, engine styles, and years – so it is notably hard to stump them.

4) Independent Findings

A lot of pre-loved sellers will often have their own brand of professionals on-hand that could easily fudge their pre purchase vehicle inspections in Melbourne to favour the seller. More times than not these not-so-independent professionals will pump up the value and undersell the potential issues.

Again, we can’t speak for others, but you can be assured that if you have need for an independent and reliable pre purchase vehicle inspection in Melbourne that gives cold-hard facts and recommendations, you’ve come to the right place.

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